KCCP 9th annual Choseok Gala was held on September 19 (video available)

More than 300 Korean Americans attended, started with a rendition and collective singing of the American and Korean Anthems.
Ms. Ann Lee- Brunner and Mr. Ki Cha lead the gala flawlessly in both English and Korean. Mrs. Sunny Joh, the current KCCP Board Chair delivered a thank-you message to all sponsors who supported KCCP and pledged that KCCP will work hard to achieve its visions.
This year Mr. Anthony Gianfarcaro, site engineer received the Outstanding Friend of KCCP Award.  Dr. Peter Yi and Mrs. Alice Yi  received the Outstanding Member of KCCP Award.  Ms. Kyung B. Yoon, keynote speaker, gave an inspiring speech, emphasizing the importance of community to make better society. Gala ended at 9:45p.m. and everyone departed happily with the inspirational speeches, high quality entertainment programs, and abundant gifts.

Entire Gala Video