Mission Statement

About Us

Dozens of local Koreans founded the organizing committee of Korean Community Center of Greater Princeton (KCCP) with the mission of helping Korean community of Princeton on January 19th of 2007. With the goal of building the Korean Community Center, its $2,000,000 fundraising campaign was launched successfully with the initial pledges totaling over $500,000 by the founding members.

We are building the nucleus to which the Korean community will gather around, provoking serious conversations on common community concerns and issues. The Center’s professional operation will support the entire Korean community activities as well. It will be passed on to the future generations as a valuable ground to enrich human network can be rooted firmly.

It might have appeared a goal too high to attain by many, but the Korean community will be a much better place with it Even if we may not enjoy the fruit of this labor, we are sowing the seed for the prosperous future generations. We look forward to your passionate participation and support.

KCCP Mission Statement

We aim to improve the quality of life of Korean-Americans and our neighbors in the area by cherishing cultural heritage and providing useful programs, services and activities to better our community relationships.

KCCP Vision Statement
A stronger community shared through Korean culture and friendship

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