Please listen to KCCP Podcast “KCCP Radio”

Dear KCCP Members and Friends,

 We are pleased to announce  KCCP’s podcast. As you know, a podcast allows us to listen or watch important content from any place at any time. Almost all radio stations use podcasts today because it is a very effective way to reach as many people as possible. The KCCP podcast will include lectures, classes, events and many more resources. Please check it out and enjoy!
Our podcast name is ” KCCP Radio “
1. for i-Phone, i-Pad
 Please download the free Podcasts app from the App Store first. and then type ” KCCP radio” in search. and then click on the “subscribe” button. You can download or stream directly.
2. for Android
There are two ways to download apps on your Android. Take note: using mass storage allows users to download podcasts directly from websites. For Android users, this isn’t the fastest method and it won’t let you subscribe to RSS feeds (which will automatically download new podcasts to your Android device), but it does allow users to bypass third-party apps, like Podcast Republic and Podcast Addict, by downloading apps directly to your computer’s desktop.