KCCP FMs showed their strong passion for the KCCP mission at FMs’ Night

This year’s annual  KCCP founding member night was full of spirit and hope for the KCCP community center construction. Despite the rainy day, the KCCP Founding members showed their strong passion for the KCCP mission.

After Dr. Yoo’s KCCP 2014 Treasurer’s Financial report,  Mr. Jae Hak Chung, KCCP Architect, showed our final Construction detail Plan which was recently approved by the Construction Committee; Dr. Jung Hi Lee then provided additional details about the future construction schedule.

Mrs. Sunny Joh, KCCP Chairwoman, then gave an inspiring speech. She said that small seeds need various components  to grow into a big tree, such as  time ,water, nutrition  light, etc. She then explained that our community center similarly needs  founding members’ to contribute their time and effort to grow the KCCP dream into a real center.  She suggested that we put our fundraising and program ideas into an idea box and to use them .