Frequently Asked Questions

What is Korean Community Center of the Greater Princeton Area?
It is a place where Korean heritage is nurtured and passed down to our younger generations, a place for us to gather and celebrate our lives, a place for members to seek help and overall a place that can empower the entire community it serves.

Why do we need the Community Center?
The strength and energy of the community comes from the concerted effort of the members working towards collective good. A community center that serves as the nucleus of that energy will help the community channel the energy and resource effectively to serve the common purpose. Especially, our children’s

What kind of services and benefits are going to be offered from the Center?
Educational, Social, and Health services are some of the services the Center is going to provide. They are geared towards benefiting each and every member of the community regardless of age, sex, religious or political affiliations.

Is it something my children could benefit from?
The center is designed to empower the community mostly in the future generations. Your children will enjoy camaraderie and support of the community in achieving the success they deserve. They will also benefit greatly from the educational services the Center provides, such as Korean school, career/jobs counseling.

What is KCCP ?
The mission of KCCP embraces all religious beliefs and political affiliations.

What is “founding member” and how do you become one?
Founding members are the true caretakers of the Center. They are the ones who will support the effort with passion, recruiting other founding members. It is the core group of individuals who will define the success of this campaign. You can become a founding member by pledging and contributing US$5,000+ within the campaign’s 5 year duration. Founding members will have the opportunity to shape the Center by participating in the discussions of the organizing committee.

How and when did the campaign start?
It was officially launched on January 19th, 2007, with the initial pledge of over US$200,000 by a group of founding members. There were preparatory meetings amongst many members prior to that going back to the fall of 2006. However the passion for the Center has always been there for as long as we had Korean community in the greater Princeton area.

How can I keep track of the success of this campaign?
Founding members will be regularly briefed on the progress of the campaign.
The Center’s website will host a wealth of information about the campaign and other relevant resources.
The organizing committee plans on hosting a dinner party annually. The committee will report on the progress of the campaign.