Construction Committee Meeting 6:30 pm-8:30 pm, February 28, 2013

Members reviewed progress of 20012 Construction Committee’s goals and achievements.

Since the recent Joint Board Meeting unanimously adopted resolution to build approximately 10.000 sq ft of community center, Construction Committee will help complete the construction of the center as early as possible under this guideline.

 It was also discussed to pursue TCO (temporary certificate of occupancy) which will complete interior design partially depending on priority after completing the outside shell in case fundraising lags behind.

 The Quick-off ceremony has been discussed to invite both Korean dignitaries and the elected local officers to demonstrate KCCP’s commitment and to celebrate our ongoing effort for construction of the center before an official ground breaking. Anticipating the ceremony on the Gala day of September 21st, which should diligently follow a time table, in addition to applying for site plan approval and permit from township.

Three to four engineering firms will be interviewed to receive quotes starting next week. Hiring the architect was also on the table.

Mr. Joh will also look around for a land use lawyer to represent KCCP in case any legal issues may be encountered during engineering process.

Committee welcomes Clifford Lee to be a new Construction Committee member in place of Jung Hi Lee.