Chun-Chun-Yee Fundraising Campaign has been launched.

The first group of Koreans arrived in the United States almost 130 years ago.  Since then, the Korean Americans in the greater Princeton area, while struggling to settle down in the new country, became accepted as model citizens through our hard work and contributions we have made in various fields. Along the way, we have strived to assimilate into the American mainstream but have also taken pride in maintaining our cultural heritage.

A plan was set forth by a dozen founding members of the Korean Community Center of Princeton (KCCP) to establish a solid base for furthering the Korean cultural heritage as well as continually supporting our outreach efforts. The best way to implement the plan was to build a community center as an immediate goal and hence we have successfully raised $2 million toward our goal. We were able to purchase the land for the construction site, draw up the blueprints.  Currently we are waiting for the approval of the site plan.   Estimated opening date for the center is 2018.

Now we have a bigger task to construct the center building with the space and amenities necessary to provide adequate services that we have envisioned to deliver for the Korean-American community in the vicinity. Because the total cost of the project is estimated at $3 million, it requires another $1 million. We will certainly get there at the finish line but, like the tortoise in Aesop’s fable, we are moving “slowly” (translated in Korean “Chun-Chun-Yee”).

But guess what? Chun-Chun-Yee has a hidden meaning for us. “Chun” means 1000 and “Yee” has a meaning of two or double. Therefore, Chun-Chun-Yee will denote the equation of “1000 Squared,” which brings the mathematical calculation of “1,000,000.”  Thus, it fits perfectly as our campaign slogan, through which we will reach the target number when 1000 members donate $1000 each — that amounts to $1,000,000.   Your contribution of $1000.00 will be recognized as your name will be displayed in the KCCP Community Center.  “Chun-Chun-Yee” started this year and as of today we have 12 payment and pledges.

Your donation of $1000 could be broken down into monthly installments on a credit card or divided into several payments by checks payable to “KCCF.” It’s akin to skipping a drink of soda in the afternoon for one year. You all can surely eliminate that sugary stuff from diet to stay healthy, while your participation in the “1000 Squared” campaign will help ensure empowerment of our children in the future.

Please fill in the donation form and return it in the enclosed envelope. Your heartfelt generous support will be remembered in many generations to come!!

You can also donate through online here. Please click on the “donate” Button.

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