The 8th KCCP Golf Tournament May 31st 12:30 PM

The 8th annual KCCP Fundraising Golf Tournament
12:30pm (1:30pm tee off) Saturday, May 31st.
Cranbury Golf Course  49 Southfield Road, West Windsor, NJ 08550

This year we will be playing at the Cranbury golf course. Entrance fee is $100 per person and it includes practice balls, Korean gimbob snack with bottled water, gas cart, premier dinner, and social events during and after dinner. Dinner-only participation is welcome at a fee of $50. The tournament format is the mixed format of twosome scramble or traditional individual competition. Dinner starts at 6:15 pm and it includes:
open bar 6:30 pm-7:30 pm (beer and wine) and four main entrees to choose from along with vegetables and salad.

Dinner will be followed by Korean/ American 60’s-80’s pop classic naming contest/Karaoke

For reservations and questions and sponsorship offering, please contact Henry Chun at or (347) 927-1231.

KCCP thanks Advanced Food Systems for being the title sponsor for this event!

제 8회 KCCP 건축기금 모금골프대회가 5월 31일 오후 12시 30분에 시작할 예정입니다. 주로 Heron Glen에서 개최된 예년과 달리 금년은 KCCP부지와 가까운 Cranbury Golf Club (49 Southfield Rd., West Windsor, NJ 08550)에서 개최됩니다. 개인당 참가비는 백불이며, 무료 연습공,점심 김밥, 음료, 카트, 풍성한 저녁, 다채로운 저녁여흥시간이 제공될 예정입니다. 저녁식사 부터 참가할 수 있으며 Dinner-only참가비는 50불입니다.

대회형식은 2인 1조의 스크램블방식과 개인 경기방식을 혼합하여 진행 합니다. 가족 친구중 초보자골퍼와 같이 2인 1조로 참석하기를 권장하지만 개인참가도 환영합니다.
Dinner starts at 6:15 pm and it includes:
open bar 6:30 pm-7:30 pm (beer and wine) and four main entrees to choose from along with vegetables and salad.

Dinner will be followed by Korean/ American 60’s-80’s pop classic naming contest/Karaoke

저녁 식사 메뉴 

참가 예약 및 문의는 천흥규(  or 347-927-1231)

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 심폐소생술 ) 교육 April 6th 프린스턴 대학 병원

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure for manually preserving brain function until further measures to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest. It is indicated in those who are unresponsive with no breathing or abnormal breathing, for example, agonal respirations.

심폐소생술이란 심장의 기능이 정지하거나 호흡이 멈추었을 때 사용하는 응급처치 방법으로 심장마비의 경우는 환자를 발견한 목격자가 심폐소생술을 실시할 경우의 생존율이 그렇지 않을 경우보다 2~3배가 높다고 합니다.  

Princeton University KASA and KCCP Women’s Club PALS Event for adopted children and families – November 10th, 2012

On Saturday, November 10th, 2012 at Princeton University Campus Club, the Princeton Korean American Student Association (KASA) and KCCP Women’s Club helped organize a PALS event to help promote, educate, and share Korean culture to adopted children and families. Over 80 individuals attended the event including children, parents, volunteers and students. Below are a few links to videos from the event:


Contruction Commitee Executive Summary and Board Members – August 20th, 2012

The ultimate goal of KCCP is construction of KCCP building in order to fulfill the vision & mission of KCCP. After purchasing 6.4 Acres of the land off Meadow Road at the West Windsor, Mr. Yongkeun Joh was appointed as a chairperson to organize the Construction Committee.

The first Construction Committee was held on March 22, 2012.
The Committee members from KCCP Founding Members consist of Mr. Yongkeun Joh(chairperson), Jung Hi Lee, Minkyu Lee(KCCP President), Steve Park & Yong Sup Sim.

The Adviser from various disciplines who participates voluntarily for this project & advises for the committee of their professional experties are:

1. Jae Hak Chung:Architect
2. Dominic Kang: Mechanical Engineering
3. Henry Kim: Construction Management
4. Woong Suh Park: Architect
5. Jae Hyuk Ryu: Architect. RanSD Design Inc.
6. Jonathan Shon: Architect. RanSD Design Inc.

Construction Committee will be held monthly to discuss about initial site plan and design.
It is anticipated that we have to hire site engineering and architecture firms to develop a general master development plan for the township approval. The general master plan will include buildings, parking lot, sport fields and landscape. Construction Committee is looking forward to ground breaking in 2015 & Ribbon Cutting ceremony in 2016.

KCCP Women’s Club Cooking Class – February 7th, 2012

Press Release: 2/8/12 KCCP Women’s Club, Cooking Club

The Korean Community Center of Greater Princeton’s Women’s Club held its first Cooking class of the year on February 7th from 9:30am to 1:30pm at the home of Alice Yi.

The chef for the day, Ms. Pak, demonstrated the making of dong chi mee; the women enjoyed the demonstration as well as tasting the ingredients at each stage of making the dong chi mee. Each person got to bring home the dong chi mee they made and also enjoyed a bowl of nehng myon in the deliciously cold dong chi mi for lunch. Not only did the participatns learn to make dong chi mee but bought a jar of dong chi mi for their friends. The donations collected for the day from the Cooking Class was over $400, which will go towards the construction of the Korean Community Center of Greater Princeton building on the land purchased in fall of 2011.

The next KCCP Women’s Club Cooking class in April, Chef Kim is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, a famous internationally well known chef school. We look forward to a great class. In addition, the KCCP’s Annual Movie Night is on April 14th at the Princeton Public Library.

KCCP Annual Picnic – Saturday, October 22nd at 12:00PM on new land in West Windsor!

프린스턴 코리안 커뮤니티 센터 (KCCP, 회장 이중희)가 지난  8월 매입한 커뮤니티 센터 부지에서 오는  22일 낮  KCCP 가을소풍 행사를 갖는다.  이중희 회장은 아직 새로 매입한 부지를 와 보지 못한 창립위원과 주위 동포들에게는 이번 소풍이 아주 의미가 있을 것이라 말하고,  많은 참여를 당부했다.  이번 소풍행사는 22일 낮 12시부터 웨스트 윈저 타운쉽 메도우 로드 선상에 있는 센터 부지에서 시작하며, 점심 도시락이 제공된다.  또, 줄다리기 등 다채로운 행사가 열릴 예정이며, 가족단위별로 “KCCP 미래의 집”이란 영어 표지판앞에서 사진을 찍는 순서도 있다.  지난 2007년부터 뉴저지 중부 프린스턴 지역 한인들이 풀뿌리 운동으로 시작한 코리안 커뮤니티 센터 건립 운동은, 지난 5년간 모금된 58만불의 현금으로  6.4에이커의 부지를 매입했으며, 앞으로 추가 모금운동을 통해 빠른 시일내에 센터 건립을 마무리질 계획이다.

2011 KCCP Golf Tournament Results + Photos & Videos

Approximately $9000 raised. Medalists: Minkyu Lee and Junga Kim. Nearest to hole: Insup Lee. Longest Drive: Hyun Park and Junga Kim. Encouragement Award: Kwan Chul Lee.

프린스턴 코리안 커뮤니티센터(KCCP, 회장 이중희) 건립기금 후원을 위한 제 5회 골프대회가 화창한 날씨속에 7일 뉴저지 서머셋 카운티 네세닛 밸리 골프장에서 성황리에 열렸다. 50 여명이 참가한 이날 골프대회를 통해 모두 9천여불의 순수익금을 모았으며, 이는 앞으로 짓게 될 코리안 커뮤니티 센터 건립기금으로 쓰일 예정이다. 이날 대회 영예의 남녀 메달리스트는 이민규씨와 김정아씨가 각각 차지했다.
이중희 KCCP 회장은 인사말에서 몇일내에 센터가 들어설 6.4에이커의 부지 매입 계약이 체결될 것이라 전하고, 센터가 만들어지면, 미주내에서 처음으로 주민들의 자발적인 운동으로, 유대인 커뮤니티 센터와 같은 한인 커뮤니티 센터가 선을 보이는 것이라고 그 역사적 의의를 설명했다.
KCCP는 오는 9월 17일 제 5회 추석맞이 기금모금 잔치를 라이더 대학에서 열며, 몽고메리 타운쉽 교육감으로 있는 한인 3세 얼 김씨가 기조 연설을 할 예정이다.











For more photos, please visit:

KCCP Women’s Club at Grounds for Sculpture – May 2011

 프린스턴 코리안 커뮤니티 센터 (KCCP, 회장 이중희) 여성 클럽 회원들은 지난 4일 뉴저지 중부 해밀턴에 위치한 조각 공원 (Grounds for Sculpture)에서 조각 전시 단체 관람 행사를 가졌다.  모두 14명이 참석한 이날 행사에서, 조각 공원측 안내자로부터 각종 유명 조각 작품에 대한 설명을 듣고, 질의 응답 시간을 가졌다.  이 조각 공원은 미국에서 손꼽히는 유명 조각 작품들을 전시하고 있는 곳이다.

KCCP Women’s Club – Grounds For Sculpture tour – 5/4/2011

KCCP Women’s Club, 609-586-0626

Wednesday, May 04 from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM

Grounds For Sculpture
18 Fairgrounds Road Hamilton, NJ 08619

You are cordially invited for a group tour in Grounds For Sculpture.

Please check out the website; for more information.

The tour fee is $15.  Please give it to Mrs. Janelle Baik upon your arrival.  It is limited to 15 people and first come, first serve, so reserve your spot at your earliest convenience.

If your response is YES, please leave your name and the telephone number for a contact information.  Since this is a prepaid event, if there is no show, you are still responsible to pay for your reserved spot.

When you arrive at a security gate, your name will be checked off.  Please drive to a visitor center and the tour will start at 11:15 promptly till 12:30. Please be on time.

Thank you and we hope to see you there.