The KCCP Korean New Year Celebration – Korean Music, Korean Dance and delicious Korean food.

The KCCP Korean New Year Celebration meeting was held on Feb. 6th at the Princeton Medical Center.  More than 60 people, including founding members, gathered and shared ambitions regarding the construction of the KCCP community center.
After the 2015 Treasurer’s Financial report,  Dr. Jung Hi Lee, KCCP Construction Committee member, revealed our final Construction Detail Plan that was recently approved by the Construction Committee.
Mrs. Sunny Joh, KCCP Chairwoman, then gave an inspiring speech. She emphasized that KCCP needs all members to devote more time and effort to grow the KCCP dream into a real center. Attendees enjoyed the entertainment program that consisted of Korean Music, Korean Dance and delicious Korean food.

KCCP FMs showed their strong passion for the KCCP mission at FMs’ Night

This year’s annual  KCCP founding member night was full of spirit and hope for the KCCP community center construction. Despite the rainy day, the KCCP Founding members showed their strong passion for the KCCP mission.

After Dr. Yoo’s KCCP 2014 Treasurer’s Financial report,  Mr. Jae Hak Chung, KCCP Architect, showed our final Construction detail Plan which was recently approved by the Construction Committee; Dr. Jung Hi Lee then provided additional details about the future construction schedule.

Mrs. Sunny Joh, KCCP Chairwoman, then gave an inspiring speech. She said that small seeds need various components  to grow into a big tree, such as  time ,water, nutrition  light, etc. She then explained that our community center similarly needs  founding members’ to contribute their time and effort to grow the KCCP dream into a real center.  She suggested that we put our fundraising and program ideas into an idea box and to use them .

KCCP President’s Spring Greeting

Dear KCCP founding members,

Greetings to all.
I am honored to serve KCCP as the newly elected President along with a dedicated team of officers this year.
As I indicated in the February e-Newsletter, we have a number of activities and events planned for this year.

We will have a golf tournament on May 31st at the Cranbury golf club in West Windsor, NJ. We lowered the individual admission fee to $ 100 to promote more participation. To have a successful fundraising event, we need founding members’ support! For more information, please see our website –

Please save the date on September 27th for the Chuseok gala and November 8th for a health conference  on how to cope with and prepare for aging

With your support, we will have a vibrant year filled with cultural and fun networking activities while serving the greater Princeton community.

Best regards,
Choong-Hyun Baik

친애하는 KCCP 창립위원님들께,
여러분 모두께 문안인사 드립니다.
올해에 회장직을 맡아 프린스턴 지역 한인커뮤니티를 함께 일할 임원님들과 섬길수 있게되어 영광입니다. 2월달 뉴스레터에서 말씀드렸듯이 올해에도 여러 행사가 마련되어 있습니다.

5월 31일에는Cranbury golf club에서 골프토너먼트를 갖습니다. 많은분이 참석하시라고 참가비를 저녁포함 $ 100로 하였읍니다. 여러분의 성원과 후원을 기대합니다. 자세한 내용은 를 참조하세요.

올해 갈라는 9월 27일에, 노화에 관한 건강 세미나는 11월 8일에 있으니 이날들을 save해 주세요.

여러 창립위원님들의 성원으로 활기차게 문화교류와 넽워킹을하며 프린스턴 지역 커뮤니티를 잘 섬기는 한해가 되기를 바랍니다.

백충현 배상

2014 New Board Members and Officers

Junghi Lee, Young Lee, and Justin Yi completed their term for the offices of KCCP Board Chair, President, and Treasurer, respectively. KCCP sincerely thanks them for their selfless dedication and efforts for KCCP in 2013.

Sunny Joh is the newly elected 2014 KCCP Board Chair and Choonghyun Baik is the newly elected 2014 KCCP President. The 2014 KCCP Board members are: Sunny Joh, Choonghyun Baik, Janelle Baik, Tyler Byun, ChoongSeok Chang, Henry Chun, Kelly Fischer, Yongkeun Joh, WonJoon Kouh, Cliff Lee, Young Lee, Seiwoong Oh, Alice Yi, and Jaedeok Yoo.
The 2014 KCCP officers are: Janelle Baik, Vice President; Jaedeok Yoo, Treasurer; Kelly Fischer, Secretary; and KiHoon Cha, Program Director.
Note: All Board members and officers (except for a part time program director) are volunteers and not compensated for their services.

이중희 전 이사장과, 영리 회장, 저스틴이 회계는 2013년 임기를 마치셨습니다. 프린스턴한인 커뮤니티(KCCP)는 이분들의 헌신적인 노력과 수고에 깊은 감사를 표합니다. 올해는 새로운 이사장에 서니 조, 회장에는 백충현씨가 선임되었습니다.

2014년 이사회에서 수고하실 14분의 이사는 다음과 같습니다.

서니조 , 백충현, 백애경, 변태룡, 장충석, 천흥규, 켈리 휘셔, 조용근, 고원준, 클리프 리, 영리, 오세웅, 엘리스 이, 유재덕

그리고 신임 위원들은다음과 같습니다.

회장 백충현, 부회장 백애경, 회계 유재덕, 서기 켈리 휘셔, 프로그램 디렉터 차기훈

2013 The Last Board Meeting December 17th, 2013


Date: December 17th, 2013
Place: Fox Rothschild, LLC, Princeton, NJ

Attendance:, Tyler Byun (phone participation), Henry Chun, Sunny Joh, Yongkeun Joh, Won Mo Kang,  Won Joon Kouh, Jung Hi Lee, Young Lee (8)/ KCCF Geun Jin Lee, Yong Sup Sim, Ki Hoon Cha as a program director

Absence: Choong Baik, Janelle Baik, Choong Seok Chang, Clifford Lee, Seiwoong Oh, Alice Yi (6)/ KCCF Andrew Chon, Peter Yi

Dear Korean Community Center of Greater Princeton Founding Members and Supporters,

I, the newly elected President of KCCP, along with Mrs. Sunny Joh, the newly elected KCCP Board Chairwoman, send you our best regards. We look forward to what lies ahead for KCCP and plan to have a productive year filled with various events and activities. We hope you can join us in our upcoming events – such as, the group tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Treasures from Korea exhibition in March, a free CPR training in April, Golf Tournament in May, Chuseok Gala in September, and a health fair in November. In addition to these events, we are looking into providing other programs and community services within our means. Of course, we will continue to work earnestly towards the groundbreaking of the Community Center. I sincerely ask for your zealous support and participation to shape a successful KCCP together.

친애하는 프린스톤지역 한인 커뮤니티 센터 창립위원과후원자 여러분께,
이달 초에 있었던 Korean Community Center of greater Princeton (KCCP) 이사회에서 임명된 백충현 회장이 신임 이사장 Sunny Joh 선생님과 함께 인사드립니다. 올해에는 더욱 활기차게 우리 커뮤니티와 함께하는 KCCP가 되고자 노력하려 합니다. 앞으로 여러가지 행사가 있을터이니 많은 분이 참가하셨으면 합니다. 3월에는 필라 미술 박물관의 이씨왕조 문화 예술 특별 전 단체 관람, 4월에는 CPR 트레이닝, 5월에는 골프 토너먼트, 9월에는 추석 갈라, 11월에는 노인들을 위한 건강 세미나를 계획하고 있습니다. 이외에도 가능한 커뮤니티 봉사와 다른 프로그램들도 구상 중에 있습니다. 물론 KCCP 센터 건물을 짓기 위한 노력에도 박차를 가할 것입니다. 여러분들의 아낌없는 성원과 지도와 편달을 부탁드리며 인사말을 맺습니다.

February 16, 2014

Choonghyun Baik
KCCP President
백충현 회장 배상

Happy New Year !

Dear KCCP Families,

On behalf of Board of Trustees, I express my sincere gratitude for your contributions and dedication for KCCP. Each year, we are making steady progress to achieve our mission and goals and the year 2013 proves again our commitment to make the coming year 2014 to be another landmark year for our project closer to the goal.
Happy New Year, the year of the horse which symbolize a big leap!
Best Regards,

Jung Hi Lee, MD, Board Chair