Construction Committee

The ultimate goal of KCCP is construction of KCCP building in order to fulfill the vision & mission of KCCP. After purchasing 6.4 Acres of the land off Meadow Road at the West Windsor, Mr. Yongkeun Joh was appointed as a chairperson to organize the Construction Committee.
The Committee members from KCCP Founding Members consist of Mr. Yongkeun Joh(chairperson), Jung Hi Lee,  Cliff Lee,  Henry Kim,  Henry Chun, Woong Suh Park & Yong Sup Sim,.

Construction Committee will be held monthly to discuss about initial site plan and design. It is anticipated that we have to hire site engineering and architecture firms to develop a general master development plan for the township approval. The general master plan will include buildings, parking lot, sport fields and landscape. Construction Committee is looking forward to ground breaking in 2015 & Ribbon Cutting ceremony in 2016.