8/22/2010 – Minutes: February 20, 1010 from Dr. Peter Yi

KCCP Healthcare Committee

Minutes: February 20, 1010

Member present:

Alan Axelrod aaxelrod@princetonhcs.org

Cliff Lee baweeggoma@comcast.net

Lesley Lee lesley_cohen@comcast.net

Young Lee young.k.lee1@gmail.com

Alice Yi alicyi@aol.com

Peter Yi pyipmg@aol.com

1. Welcome: from Peter Yi

2. Review of minutes from September 26, 2009

Correction: the date of the Health Fair was to be November 14th, not October 14th.

3. Update of events: Alice Yi

Golf outing – Memorial Day week-end

2010 Gala – October 2nd, at Rider College

Picnic – 1st week of May, at Mercer County Park

Women’s lunch was canceled due to a conflict – date changed to April 8th at the

Nassau Club.

Chang Rae Lee – will have a talk and book signing at Barnes & Noble on April

1st. Everyone is urged to go to support him.

There will be an upcoming movie night.

4. Korean Club will be having a festival at West Windsor High School. There will be a play, fashion show, food, etc. on March 26th – $10 per ticket.

5. Health Fair 2009:

Young Lee:

Young Lee has put together video of the health fair on YouTube. So far, each speaker has received 100-200 hits.

Video of the Health Fair is now online on the KCCP website.

Young Lee suggested that the KCCP could have different monthly videos with different experts on different topics. A link could be sent via a monthly e-mail or news link.

Review of the Health Fair:

Room size: a bit bigger would have been good.

Location: good. Things worked out well even though there was a last minute change. The same location would be good for next time.

Registration, pamphlet, Q & A, etc. were all good.

There was a problem with the Korean font on PowerPoint presentations. Even though Korean letters showed up on the computer, they did not project properly on the screen.

Food: good

Some people at the event commented that they appreciated that the KCCP was serving the community, so this event helped to promote interest in the KCCP.

6. Plans for 2010 Health Fair:

Location: same as the 2009 Health Fair

Date: November 13, 2010 at 3:00 p.m.

Program: similar format with focus on Korean concerns and community

There was considerable discussion about what topics should be presented at the Health Fair and whether there should be a theme. Some suggestions were: Healthy Aging, Comparison of Asian-American Heath to the General Population, Women’s Health, and Impact of Lifestyle Changes to Korean Community.

The consensus was that the Health Fair should have the same general format as the 2010 Health Fair, with 4 or 5 speakers. We will see who is available and then we will determine the emphasis of the Health Fair.

Possible speakers and topics:

Dr. Albert Ahn – healthy eating

Dr. Richard Wong – eye care, glaucoma, Lasik surgery

Dr. Choi – dermatology

Dr. Youngsoon Hyun – women’s healthy, healthy aging, or diabetes

Dr. Anna Lee – implants

Chung Hee Lee – metal health issues facing Korean-American



Mental Health issues – parenting, adolescent psychology, being split between two cultures, parenting tips for the next generation.

7. New Business

From Robbi Alexander:

Although she was not able attend the meeting, Alan Axelrod presented an idea from Robbi Alexander. There will be a Women’s Health Fair at the Breast Health Center in East Windsor on September 14th, September 28th, or October 5th. She suggested that the KCCP Women’s Club could co-sponsor this event.

Alice Yi discussed the fact that many health issues specific to women have been discussed at the KCCP Women’s Club. She stated that women would like to learn about topics such as depression, why so many men have affairs in middle age, and menopause. She thought that if these were addressed in some forum, it might help to publicize the KCCP.