3/16/2009 – Dr. Peter Yi, New Discoveries of Cancer therapy (Wed. 05-13-2009)

I gave a seminar on topic of New Discoveries of Cancer Therapy on March 3 at Unversity Medical Center. 70 people attended the seminar. However since there are many people who could not attend due to the snow storm, I will be giving the same seminar on May 13th, Wed at the Unversity Medical Center at Princeton, classroom A and B on ground floor. The lunch is provided at 11:30 and the lecture will be begin at noon and the seminar will last until 2 PM.

The first part will be the review of all current new targeted therapies and second part  will be on the psycological support. The seminar is for the general public who are interested in the new therapies as well as cancer patients or families who would like to find more about the recent discoveries.

Registration is required for lunch. Please call Karen Larsen, MSW 908-658-5400 ext 4 at Wellness Center of Central NJ.