11/12/2009 – KCCP General Meeting (Saturday, November 21, 1:00PM)

Saturday, November 21, 1:00PM

Fox Rothschild LLP, Board Room, 3rd Floor
997 Lenox Drive, Building 3
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 US

Dear founding members of KCCP,

You are cordially invited to a very important KCCP founding members meeting. The KCCP is already at the end of the third year. So far, we have achieved many great things together. However, we all agree that there is one very important and urgent task to be completed, which is to review and revise the by-laws of KCCP and KCCF.

The KCCP chairman, Mr. Yongkeun Joh, recognized this needs and appointed the By-Law committee whose member includes Mr. Wan Mo Kang, Ms. Sook Young Kim and Mr. John Kim. The committee already sent the draft copies of KCCP and KCCF by-laws for your review. And the committee collected suggestions and comments from all of the founding members including you. At the special board meeting on Nov. 6, we revised the draft by-laws once again. The revised by-laws will be distributed to you very soon for your review.

In this KCCP founding member meeting, the executive board will present the by-laws amendment proposals. The proposals will be put to vote for final approval. Please join the meeting and cast your vote.